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This is how much organic costs in the various shops

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After Müller went bankrupt, Blick made the comparison

Health food stores don’t stand a chance in the price war

Inexpensive organic products from wholesalers are said to be at the root of the death of small health food stores. What is it? Blick has randomly examined price differences.


At Alnatura, an organic muesli costs 5.30 francs for 750 grams.

Healthy, sustainable and fair. These are the three cornerstones of organic products. Despite inflation and a flattening trend, organic is still being bought briskly. It’s no wonder that almost every grocery store sells products with an organic label these days.

The health food store bankruptcy of the Müller chain put the prices in the spotlight. Their boss cited the low prices of the competition as one of the reasons for the decline – especially from the subsidiaries of the major distributors.

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