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This is how you save on roaming charges abroad

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Roaming data package, eSim or SIM card?

This is how you save on roaming charges abroad

If you want to surf the Internet abroad, you need a roaming data package. Some users pay exorbitant prices for this. Alternatives are usually cheaper.


The local prepaid SIM card is the cheapest way to save when roaming abroad.

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If you want to post a picture on your skiing holiday abroad or show friends and families the beautiful view of the Alps via cell phone video call, you need an internet connection. For this purpose, travelers can buy special so-called roaming data packages from the mobile phone provider.

Ralf Beyeler is a telecom and money expert at the Moneyland comparison service. He says: “Today, many mobile phone subscriptions are already equipped with roaming data packages.” That makes sense if someone travels a lot. That means you pay for the mobile phone subscription every month and you already have surfing, calls and text messages included, for example, throughout Europe.

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