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Thousands of demonstrators demand the resignation of the President

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Violent protests in Peru

Thousands of demonstrators are demanding the resignation of President Boluarte

During protests against the Peruvian government, demonstrators and police officers in the capital Lima have fought serious clashes. Several people were injured in the clashes. Around 12,000 police officers were on duty in the capital.

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In the center of Lima, a building went up in flames during violent anti-government protests.

Violence escalated in the Peruvian capital Lima on Thursday: Thousands of demonstrators demanded the resignation of President Dina Boluarte during new protests. There were serious clashes between protesters and police officers.

The government opponents threw stones and firecrackers at the police officers, the officers fired tear gas into the crowd, as was seen on television. According to a report by radio station RPP, the demonstrators tried to penetrate the congress.

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