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«Today the children have more toys than I did back then»

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Toys in the DNA: Ruth Holzer, granddaughter of toy baron Franz Carl Weber, with Roger Bühler, the current CEO of the toy retailer.


You won’t find glamor at Franz Carl Weber (FCW) in Zurich-Altstetten. A surprise awaits visitors in the basement of the branch: a small toy museum in which model trains, dolls, teddies and other collector’s items from the company’s 141-year history can be admired. After difficult years with financial problems, the museum has found a new home here. The patron saint of the FCW collection is Ruth Holzer (85), the granddaughter of the toy baron. Together with FCW CEO Roger Bühler (57), she answers our questions.

Ms. Holzer, you are the granddaughter of the toy entrepreneur Franz Carl Weber. Your childhood memories of Christmas must be wonderful…
Ruth Holzer: To be honest, I can’t think of anything especially about Christmas. But as a child I spent almost every Saturday with my grandfather. He had an apartment above his toy shop on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. We always ate snacks there – and as soon as the shop closed at 5 a.m., my cousins ​​and I were allowed to play with the toys in the closed shop. That was the biggest thing for us.

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