Monday, December 5, 2022

“We have to boost ourselves year after year”

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Are we running into the Corona hammer in autumn? This question is omnipresent, although the pandemic is far away in Switzerland right now. There have been no corona measures in this country since April. But after the summer, the next violent wave threatens us, warns Moderna chief physician Paul Burton (53). He is in his home office in the US city of Cambridge when he gives Blick a virtual interview.

Blick: It feels like the pandemic is over. Going back through the history books, was it the Omicron variant that saved us all?
Paul Burton: Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. The pandemic is ongoing and I don’t think we’ll reach an endemic state any time soon. There will be many more variants, perhaps even more severe. And that Omicron is mild is a misjudgment – the opposite is the case!

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