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“What is currently going on around Lonza is huge”

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Upper Valais is one of Switzerland’s economic hotspots. Thanks to the vaccine partner Moderna, things are running smoothly for the pharmaceutical supplier. This ensures that the region is booming. Blick has repeatedly reported on the expansion of the region around Visp VS in recent years, most recently in January 2022.

The region has flourished thanks to the success of the pharmaceutical supplier, and Valais has become a new home for hundreds of newcomers.

Lonza boosts Valais! Building contractor Oliver Imboden (50) is of the same opinion. “What’s currently going on around the Lonza is huge,” says the Valais managing director of the family-owned construction company Ulrich Imboden in an interview with the “Handelzeitung”. There is now a shortage of real estate, and the increasing demand has caused prices to rise. “The market plays,” says the Valais, who represents the CVP in the Valais Great Council.

Visper prices at Brig level

According to Imboden, there are practically no more vacant apartments in the Visp area. “The consequence of this is that families are looking for housing on the outskirts. Places like Zeneggen, Niedergesteln or Stalden are becoming more and more attractive. That’s why prices will gradually rise there too.”

Imboden gives an example for Visp in the “Handelszeitung”: “In the Visp area, prices have clearly increased due to a shortage of supply. The square meter price for living space in Visp has adjusted to that of Brig within a short period of time.»

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