Thursday, December 8, 2022

Xi encounters resistance for the first time

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In the fall, the Chinese Communist Party will meet for the 20th party congress, primarily to proclaim its General Secretary Xi Jinping (68) President of the People’s Republic for the third time. But Xi is in trouble. The endeavor to head China for another five years is risky. The rules only allow two terms, a maximum of ten years. Most recently, Mao ruled the country longer – the man under whom at least 45 million people died. Xi Jinping loves Mao. He had himself immortalized alongside him as the nation’s teacher, and his politics were written into the country’s constitution as a guideline.

Xi has used the past ten years to bring the country into line. Today it is a dictatorship where the government controls everything from haircuts to the time young people spend in front of computers. In return, Xi has promised the people a safe life and increased prosperity. But it is slowly dawning on people and some party officials that Xi has steered the country down an unfortunate course. The Covid pandemic is getting out of control. The country is in lockdown, the economy is faltering, and the vital port of Shanghai is malfunctioning as Xi locks people up at home.

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