Monday, February 6, 2023

5 highlights in Jordan

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Fast-paced tour: The desert is best explored on a jeep.

Jordan’s desert is characterized by soft red and brown tones that flow into an unreal blue on the horizon. Here you encounter an endless expanse, which is interrupted by absurd rock formations – sometimes conical, then pointed and elsewhere round – a lot of sand, camels and this soothing silence. Because in Wadi Rum all is quiet. The noise of everyday life seems far away. No one thinks about problems here anymore. In the middle of the desert the world stands still. It seems like someone hit the pause button.

Suddenly the wind lashes furiously around my ears, twirls my hair and rudely pulls me out of my thoughts. Someone pressed play again. We sit on the back of a jeep that takes us to our camp. Loud laughter, wild howling. It’s one of the adventures that awaits visitors to Wadi Rum: a sunset jeep ride.

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