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5 podcasts for more self-love

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5 podcasts for more self-love

There are moments when things aren’t going well, you’re feeling down and you need inspirational advice. These can also be found in podcasts that deal with self-love or mindfulness and are intended to help you lead a balanced life.

You can learn to love yourself more.

Words that are not only heard, but go straight to the heart: In times when you may not feel so satisfied, it is important to reflect on yourself, to find more positivity in life and to get valuable advice . Topics such as self-love, growth and mindset are then particularly important in order to achieve your goals and to be happy. Mental health is an important topic today that is more popular than ever. Like talking to your best friend, podcasts can help you regain motivation.
The following podcasts can all be found on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

«The Mindful Sessions»

Mindfulness and meditation coach Sarah Desai talks about how to improve your mindset in her podcast. Often one finds oneself in a problem situation and gets lost in thoughts where confusion and fear arise. In the Mindful Sessions, Desai explains how to stay alert and not lose yourself. The podcast also includes various interviews with experts and helpful tips for personal and spiritual development.
You can find all chapters of Sarah Desai’s “Mindful Sessions” podcast here.

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