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6 tips against statically charged clothing

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What can you do to prevent clothes from becoming electrically charged?

Clothing made of synthetic fibers becomes electrically charged particularly quickly. This happens because it can hardly absorb moisture. Clothes made of natural fibers are less charged, but the static cannot be stopped there either. And it’s really annoying. Here are six tips to help avoid the problem.

1. Wire hanger

A thin metal hanger can do wonders for charged clothes. The garment doesn’t even have to be hanging on it all the time before it’s worn. It is enough to run the metal hanger over the garment a few times before putting it on. The metal conducts electricity.

2. Safety pin in clothing

This trick is also very useful. After all, who has a metal hanger with them all day? The safety pin conducts electricity in exactly the same way, but can be skilfully hidden. It can be fastened inside the garment, for example at a hem.

3. Anti-Static Spray

Antistatic sprays are now available in pharmacies, supermarkets and online shops. If you spray the clothes with it after washing, the garment should not become charged in the first place. However, the procedure must be repeated after each wash.

4. Leather shoe soles

If your clothes are constantly electrically charged, it’s high time to change your shoes – if only for the winter. So you should avoid shoes with a rubber sole, because rubber favors electrical charges. Leather soles are much better. These ground and counteract the electrical charge.

5. Baking soda before washing

Not only can baking soda be used in baking, but it also helps against static clothes. To do this, sprinkle some on the inside and outside of the garments before you put them in the washing machine. After washing, the garment should then no longer become charged so quickly.

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