Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A quarter of all women want sex more than men

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Scientifically proven!

A quarter of all women want sex more than men

Researchers at Saarland University evaluated 200 studies – and proved in black and white that men are more sexually motivated than women. However, a quarter of all women tick differently than the average man.

The researchers evaluated over 200 studies – and attested the man more pleasure. But 25 percent of women have more desire than the average man.

According to their own statements, scientists at Saarland University have calculated on the basis of more than 200 international studies how much greater the sexual desire of men is compared to women.

The Saarbrücken social psychologist and study co-author Malte Friese explained on Monday that the widespread assumption that men are more sexually motivated than women has actually been scientifically proven. “The difference is a little less than half as big as the gender difference in height.”

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