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Are men more self-pitying and sensitive when they are ill?

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Men’s flu: So it really does exist!

Men are more self-pitying and sensitive when they are ill

According to a study by a Canadian researcher, men’s flu should not be a myth: if you believe the study, certain hormones actually make men more susceptible to illnesses and severe symptoms.


During the flu and cold season, there are more male patients. What is a slight cold for most women is often a reason for men to draw up their will.

Canadian researcher Kyle Sue of the Health Sciences Center at Memorial University of Newfoundland is convinced that there is such a thing as male flu. His thesis may sound ridiculous, but Sue fights for attention. The decisive factor for his investigation was the fact that “man flu” (German: men’s flu) is often spoken of when men suffer more severely from flu symptoms – mostly in a smiling context.

The term “man flu” has even been included in the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries. It defines “disease” as “a cold or similar minor illness experienced by a man who exaggerates the severity of the symptoms” — and without any scientific evidence.

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