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Asteroid comes very close to the earth

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Only 3600 kilometers away

Asteroid comes very close to the earth

An asteroid passes exceptionally close to Earth on Friday night. It’s the size of a delivery truck.

Published: 12:34 p.m


Updated: 4:24 p.m

This NASA visualization shows the calculated trajectory of asteroid 2023 BU (red) and how it is influenced by Earth and satellites (green).

The celestial body called 2023 BU reached the closest point to the earth on Friday at 1:27 a.m. Swiss time, according to the US space agency Nasa. Then the asteroid, about the size of a delivery truck, rushes past the southern tip of South America at an altitude of just 3,600 kilometers.

According to NASA, there is no risk of an impact. For comparison: Geostationary satellites are around 35,000 kilometers from Earth, the ISS space station around 400 kilometers.

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