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Avoid these mistakes when opening a champagne

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Opening a champagne is not for everyone.

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Never shake champagne

Have you ever opened a bottle of Coca Cola after shaking it? The same principle applies to champagne: pressure fluctuations in the bottle mean that the carbon dioxide escapes at lightning speed when the bottle is opened, taking liquid with it. So the champagne doesn’t end up in the glass, but on the clothes or the floor.

It’s a bad idea to try to open a champagne bottle with damp or wet hands. There is a high risk that the bottle will slip out of your grip and fall to the ground. If you’d rather spend your time partying than cleaning, work with dry hands or place the bottle in a kitchen towel to open.

Do not remove the cork with your mouth

What sounds sexy can end up with a black eye or broken teeth. Let your hands go first when opening a champagne.

Do not take a break after removing the wire basket

This mistake happened to me recently at a birthday dinner. I opened a champagne wire basket and was distracted by the doorbell. Instead of opening the cork, I put the bottle on the table. About five minutes later, the cork escaped on its own and shot past a valuable dining table lamp by a hair’s breadth. The impact on the ceiling was so strong that it left a visible imprint.

Twist the bottle instead of the cork

Have you ever watched a sommelier or a sommelier when a champagne is opened? They hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand and enclose the cork with the other. However, the film is turned on the bottle and not on the cork.

When you carefully open champagne, all you should hear is a soft “fffft.” A loud bang and a cork flying out uncontrollably fit into a Formula 1 award ceremony, but not into the living room.

An unintentionally flying champagne cork can cause serious eye injuries. For this reason, specific warnings are even attached to champagne bottles in the USA. Tilt the bottle at an angle of about 30 degrees and always aim away from people.

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