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Bidding war for Erb-Villa comes to a head

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Dorothea Vollenweider and Patrick Berger

The historic property on the beautiful sunny slope in Winterthur Wolfensberg ZH stood empty for more than 17 years. Run-down and allegedly haunted by ghosts, the former hereditary villa was considered a haunted castle by the residents for years. And was then haunted by night boys and historically interested Gwundernasen.

Now she shines in new splendor! The new owner, the Winterthur real estate group Leemann+Bretscher, (L+B) from Winterthur renovated it for 3 million francs. Blick was allowed to take an exclusive look around the villa during the work.

First look behind the walls

It was the first time since the villa was foreclosed on that the public was allowed to peek behind the walls of the 6,000 square meter property. “The castle character of the villa should be preserved,” said the construction manager of L + B at the time.

The real estate company succeeded. The listed garden has been cleaned up, weeds and trees that have grown wild in recent years have been removed. An arbor lures you to a cozy supper in the sunset. The pool, smeared by vandals, is freshly renovated and invites you to take a dip.

Old meets new

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