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Bird watching for beginners

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What equipment do I need?

If you want to watch birds, you need good binoculars. Stefan Bachmann, biologist and media officer at Birdlife Switzerland, recommends medium-sized to large models. However, some models weigh a lot, which is why Bachmann says it is important to seek advice from a specialist shop. “You have to try which binoculars feel best in your hands.” Good quality is available from around 300 francs. There are two numbers to consider when making a purchase: The first indicates the magnification. Bachmann recommends a value of 7 to 8. Models that enlarge more show a smaller section. “It’s more difficult to orient yourself with it.” The second number indicates the diameter of the lens in millimeters. The larger it is, the more light can enter, and the brighter the image will be in poor conditions or at dusk. According to Bachmann, a good compromise between light intensity and weight is given with a lens diameter of 30 to 50 millimeters.

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