Saturday, April 1, 2023

Blue-winged Wasteland Cricket is Animal of the Year

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When seated, the blue-winged grasshopper is well camouflaged.

«Among the insects, the blue-winged grasshopper is regarded as an indicator species. That means where it lives, biodiversity is high and there are many other species,” said locust specialist Florinrutschmann in a statement from Pro Natura on Tuesday. When seated, the blue-winged grasshopper is well camouflaged and thus barely visible. Their blue wings are only visible in flight.

In order to survive, they need the right balance of sun and shade. The destruction of river landscapes and the intensification of agriculture and land use in the last hundred years are threatening the blue-winged grasshopper. On the other hand, they benefit from global warming. Warmer temperatures favor the emergence of their habitat.

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