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“Can prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering”

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Interview: Dana Liechti and Camille Kündig

Ms. Banz, ADHD is often overlooked in girls. Does that surprise you?
vanessa Banz: Not at all. We all know that the disorder can occur in boys and would recognize the typical symptoms. With girls, on the other hand, ADHD is very often not even on the radar.

There are many blind spots in medicine – also when it comes to gender differences. Most studies in the past have been conducted in young, healthy, white males. Sex and gender – i.e. both biological and socio-cultural gender – play a major role here. Just the amount of fat tissue and muscle mass or the blood volume are different in men and women. Among other things, this means that women with the same dosage of many drugs have more side effects. That’s why we need gender medicine.

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