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Color preferences reveal nothing about character

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color and personality

Color preferences reveal nothing about character

Contrary to popular belief, your favorite color says nothing about a person’s personality. This is the result of a study in the specialist magazine “Personality Science”.

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“Tell me your favorite color and I’ll tell you who you are”: According to a study, this statement cannot be scientifically proven.

There are many claims that a preference for a color reveals something about a person’s inner nature. These statements are often presented as facts, although there is a lack of scientific evidence, write the researchers led by Domicele Jonauskaite from the University of Vienna, who previously worked at the University of Lausanne. Therefore, they are now investigating to what extent these claims stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Favorite colors say little about personality

As a data basis, they first collected statements published on the Internet about how favorite colors are related to personality traits. For example, it was said that people whose favorite color is red, orange, yellow, pink or turquoise are extroverts. Characteristics such as conscientiousness, openness and creativity can also be explained with the favorite color. The researchers found a total of eleven alleged connections on the six websites examined.

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