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Crazy facts in the winter sports quiz

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Test your knowledge

Crazy facts in the winter sports quiz

Do you know exciting information about figure skating, curling, snowboarding and skiing that hardly anyone else knows? Find out how many of the questions you can answer correctly!


Not only snowboarding or skiing are popular – there are numerous other winter sports, such as bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey…

Winter sports have a long tradition. Many people are enthusiastic about it, regardless of whether they are active in sports themselves or prefer to watch competitions in which top athletes compete against each other. From the equipment, to the individual disciplines, to safety measures and competition regulations, a lot has changed over time.

Anyone who can answer all eight questions in the quiz correctly is a real winter sports fan and can impress others with their specialist knowledge. The winter sports quiz is also worthwhile if you want to learn more about the topic and find out crazy facts. Try it now!

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