Friday, December 2, 2022

Digital platform lists «Benin bronzes» scattered around the world

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So-called “Benin Bronzes” in the Humboldt Forum in Berlin: Along with thousands more, they are listed in the new “Digital Benin Platform”, which will be presented on Wednesday. The platform is the basis for negotiations about restitution, for research or work in museums.

This is about thousands of objects stolen by British troops in 1897 when they looted and burned down the Royal Palace in Benin City. These bronzes ended up in private collections and museums worldwide via the art trade.

For a number of years, these works of art from the former Kingdom of Benin and modern-day Nigeria have been the subject of political discussions about restitution. Now, for the first time, there is a precise basis for what is being discussed: 5,246 objects scattered across 131 institutions in 20 countries.

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