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Emigrant from Bern finds new happiness in Spain

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Therese Frey grew up in Oberhofen on Lake Thun with a view of the lake and the Stockhorn chain. Mountains and water therefore had to be in the new home as well.

“I need water and mountains to live,” says Therese Frey (61), who grew up on Lake Thun. She also has that in her new home in Spain, simply with higher temperatures. She sees the sea and the mountains from her roof terrace. In five minutes by car you can reach the beach of San Luis de Sabinillas.

The Bern native had dreamed of living in Spain for a long time, but she wanted to wait until retirement age to do so. Disappointed by Switzerland, she decided to implement her plan five years ago.

«I no longer felt at home in Switzerland»

“I had had enough of the grueling work life in Switzerland,” says Frey. As a single mother, she used to experience harassment from schools and authorities again and again. “I didn’t want to do that anymore.”

The four-language native of Bern raised her now 30-year-old daughter alone. In addition, she has worked in responsible positions in the commercial sector and earned good money. “We had a good life. Up until my last job, which ended ugly, I always had good, long-term employers,” says the 61-year-old.

For a year, Frey looked in vain for a new job, had to endure a foot operation and was excluded. For a month she was dependent on welfare. “When the social welfare office wanted to have my 21-year-old horse slaughtered and sell my 19-year-old Opel Corsa, I had had enough of Switzerland and such harassment,” she says. Frustrated, she had part of the pension fund paid out and bought a house in Andalusia for almost 100,000 francs. Three months later she was gone from Switzerland. “I no longer felt at home in Switzerland.”

House at a bargain price thanks to a tip from my aunt

The Swiss woman knew the region around Manelva well because an aunt of hers had lived there for years and Therese Frey had often been with her daughter on vacation for about thirty years. “My aunt gave me the tip of this house at a bargain price,” says the native of Bern. With some paint in the kitchen and a new bathroom, the townhouse near Manelva, in a development with a communal pool and a pleasant neighborhood, was exactly what the Swiss woman was looking for for herself and her animals. “Because I couldn’t visit the house because of my operation, my daughter traveled to Spain to see it and sent me pictures and videos.” So the Swiss woman decided to buy the house and moved to Andalusia near her aunt.

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