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Ex-Nazis also worked in Switzerland

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The book “NS Continuities in the BND” reviews the history of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). The author of the book, Gerhard Sälter, shows how people from Hitler’s terror apparatus continued to pull their strings after the war.

On May 1, 1945, the Federal Council dissolved the Swiss national group of the NSDAP and shortly thereafter expelled 300 Germans. For years the organization had remained unmolested. But now, a few days before the end of the war, people no longer wanted to have anything to do with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

That didn’t last long. Soon companies such as the Schweizerhall acid factory or Holzverzuckerungs AG hired experts from IG Farben, which had been closely linked to the National Socialist policy of extermination during the war. And in Bern there were voices that said one shouldn’t be more papal than the pope. The Americans, French or English would bring hundreds of incriminated German experts into the country.

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