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Facial care for toddlers? Yes, there really is

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Gaga trend baby cosmetics on social media

Facial care for toddlers? Yes, there really is

They press, stroke and knead – mothers present on Tiktok how they want to improve their babies’ skin. That can damage the skin, says Valérie Enderlin. The dermatologist knows which products are really necessary for baby skin.

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Ice cream for swollen cheeks? The little girl looks very skeptical.

The mother cleans her little daughter’s face with a wet cotton pad. Then she takes so-called “Ice Globes” – ice-cold balls made of glass or plastic – and rolls them from the corners of her mouth over her cheeks to her daughter’s ears. This is said to be soothing and reduce swelling. But the skin is pulled in all directions and the little girl looks anything but relaxed.

Videos are piling up on Tiktok in which mothers show step by step how to care for the skin of their babies and toddlers. The pushing, stroking and pulling seems rough and almost like an ordeal. Valérie Enderlin, head of the Decamed skin and laser center in Zurich, also finds the treatments nonsensical. “Especially the massage with ice is exaggerated,” says the doctor. “Cold objects can relieve sore spots in the mouth when teething, but they’re overkill on the skin.”

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