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Federal Office for the Environment praises the target framework of the talks

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After the 15th Biodiversity Conference

How much biodiversity can there be?

Switzerland is committed to doubling the protected areas for biodiversity. The farmers’ association criticizes this as “disproportionate”.


For St. Gallen Central National Councilor Markus Ritter, the “30 by 30” strategy is disproportionate and not effective.

Industrialized agriculture produces food, but also problems: extinction of species, overburdened arable land, pollution of the groundwater. In 1993, therefore, the UN organized the first global conference on the protection of biological diversity.

The UN therefore held the 15th global conference on the protection of biological diversity in Montreal, Canada, which ended on Monday. The participating countries, including Switzerland, agreed on the “30 by 30” goal: They undertake, among other things, to make 30 percent of their land available for biodiversity and to restore a further 30 percent of all damaged landscapes – this could, for example, be the reforestation of deforested forests , renaturing rivers or restoring peatlands.

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