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Fragrant scented candles for a cozy home in winter

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Candles ensure cosiness – and sometimes also a special scent experience.

When it gets colder outside again, there is hardly anything nicer than relaxing at home with a hot drink of your choice, a good book and a cozy blanket, or taking a hot bath. Of course, one thing must not be missing: the right scented candle, which ensures extra cosiness in your own four walls.
Above all, the smell of the candles, which slowly spreads through the room, can help you relax. Fragrances have a direct effect on the so-called limbic system in the brain, which is responsible for feelings and associated memories and instincts, among other things. This is how we react to aromas subconsciously and emotionally. However, tastes differ, which is why there is a large selection of scented candles.

Classic: Luce Di Colonia by Acqua di Parma

If you want an elegant and timeless room fragrance that is rather light, you should try the “Luce Di Colonia” scented candle from Acqua di Parma. Once the wick is lit, a composition of orange, lemon, petitgrain, neroli, patchouli and vetiver pampers the senses. Of course, Acqua di Parma also offers other fragrances. The candles are available in 200 or 500 grams and look very elegant due to the yellow glass in the simple design. The smaller of the two sizes burns up to 50 hours, the larger around 70 hours.
From around 68 francs, Acquadiparma.com

Oriental: Byblos from Diptyque

The candles from Diptyque are also very popular and convince with their interesting fragrance creations. Since autumn or winter can be a bit spicier, the 300 gram Byblos scented candle from the “Le Grand Tour” collection is just the thing. The candle is inspired by the port city of the same name in Lebanon. With the aroma of coffee, Atlas cedar and white musk, it immediately feels cozy at home, while at the same time giving you a bit of wanderlust. The bright, slightly marbled earthenware jar looks modern and fits into any ambience. This is intended to represent the aromas of freshly brewed coffee rising in clouds. The approximately 75 hours burn time is a long time to enjoy this fragrance creation.
For around 134 francs, Diptyqueparis.com

Stylish: Silenzio by Fornasetti

Fornasetti’s scented candles offer luxury at its finest. Its design catches the eye and the aroma stays in your head. The Silenzio candle weighs 300 grams or 1.9 kilograms. It can be presented in two ways as it has a slightly different motif on the front than on the back. Both times, a black-and-white portrait of the Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri (1874–1944) is depicted on the clay pot: once you can see her with her index finger in front of her lips and once with a wink. The fragrance creation contains thyme, lavender, cedar and tolu balsam and has a calming effect. The large candle should be able to burn for up to 240 hours – so you get something out of this investment for a long time.
From around 182 francs, Fornasetti.com

Soothing: Imperial Rose by Rituals

A scented candle from Rituals is always a nice gift for friends – or even for yourself. The classic scent of roses is suitable for every season and sweetens the home, refined with freshwater aromas and green tea. The “Imperial Rose” scented candles from the Private collection are available in both 360 grams and 1 kilogram. The champagne-colored design of the glass jar is subtle, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of furnishing styles. The small candle has a burn time of about 60 hours, the larger version burns up to 70 hours.
From CHF 41, Rituals.com

Exceptional: Baobab Rainforest Amazonia from Baobab Collection

The large, fragrant candles from the Baobab Collection also create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. For example, the Baobab Rainforest Amazonia scented candle spreads a natural aroma with notes of bergamot, green tea and Atlas cedar. It is only available in limited quantities. And not only the pleasant smell, but also the design of the hand-blown opal glass cylinder with its colorful elements in blue, turquoise, green and brown is a highlight. Depending on the size of the room and the desired intensity of the rainforest aroma, candles can be chosen between 1.3 kilograms and an impressive 10 kilograms. The “smaller” specimens burn for 60 hours, the really big ones even for 800 hours.
From around 102 francs, Baobabcollection.com

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