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Ghost inn on the Gold Coast has been vacant for years

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It belongs to Dolder-Schwarzenbach

Ghost inn on the Gold Coast has been vacant for years

On a wonderful plateau in the canton of Zurich is an aging country inn. It has an eventful history behind it. Now Dolder owner Urs Schwarzenbach wants to launch a new project.


The inn on the Guldenen is 100 years old.


Patrick BergerEditor Economics

What a dream location! The Waldhof Guldenen on Forch ZH is located in a 56-hectare recreational area on the Pfannenstiel. The plateau is surrounded by forests. Walking paths and a cross-country ski run in winter attract guests from near and far. Stupid only: They are no longer catered for. The once magnificent country inn has been empty for almost 16 years.

The garden is overgrown, the facade has faded and the beams of the half-timbered house are rotten. Only the lettering “Stadtbier Chur” on the glass case, where the menu used to be displayed, is reminiscent of an inn. A truly sad sight. And kind of creepy.

But nothing happened

The restaurant should have reopened long ago. Flühgass Immobilien AG bought the property in 2015. On the condition that hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and gourmets can return. Flühgass Immobilien AG belongs to Urs E. Schwarzenbach (74), the owner of the posh Grand Hotel Dolder in Zurich. And the Hotel Sonne in Küsnacht ZH. In 2016 he wanted to reopen the restaurant on the Forch. And also offer guest rooms. But nothing happened.

Why the delay? Did Schwarzenbach get cold feet? When the weather is good, the country inn is a gold mine, but when it rains, at most a few dogs get lost on the walks. It is correspondingly tricky to summon the staff and to buy goods. So it’s not surprising that four different tenants have taken over the restaurant in 26 years. But they all failed after just a few years.

More about the hotel industry

Schwarzenbach is not deterred by this. Selling the property is not an issue, Blick said on request. Various projects are currently being examined. They are on Schwarzenbach’s desk. Among other things, it is about whether an extension is possible. By 2023 it should be clear what will emerge from the inn. Whether it becomes a posh restaurant with classy hotel rooms, for example. Clarity will soon prevail.

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