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He accompanies people on their most difficult path

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Jörg Büchel (62) has been a pastor for almost 30 years. He listens to people because active listening is something we are increasingly forgetting.


Alexandra FitzCo-Head of Department Society

Jörg Büchel sees everyone. So does Urs, who stands half a day a week in front of the lifts at the Graubünden cantonal hospital and shows patients and visitors the way. They are volunteers, explains Büchel. They don’t get any money, but in return they have a task. «Hi Urs, nice, I’m back. How are you doing?” Büchel asks in a low voice. Urs begins to say that he was ill, it was so difficult, but he didn’t know any different. Büchel listens. At some point the pastor says: “And now you’re done. That’s nice.”

The way you approach a person and start a conversation is amazing.
You have to be able to make small talk, otherwise it won’t work. But just small talk is terrible. I suffer.

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