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Heartfelt instead of hard-hearted

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Heartfelt instead of hard-hearted

Card payments and inflation are threatening the tipping culture. Let’s remember what Thomas Mann said about the galloping devaluation of money in Germany a hundred years ago.


Despite inflation, in gastronomy, you should …


Daniel ArnetEditor of Sunday Blick magazine

Is that too much money? Or too little? Should I give anything extra at all? Or am I not allowed to? Tipping always raises questions and gets different answers from country to country. In Switzerland it is always included in the price of all services – in gastronomy since 1974. Despite this, four out of five Swiss people still round up the bill in restaurants.

That’s good. First, it’s a kind gesture of gratitude to the hard-working service staff, and second, it’s a token of appreciation for people in a low-income industry. Not only employees in the catering trade should benefit from tips, but also, for example, taxi drivers, hairdressers or postmen.

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