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Help, I Can’t Talk – Or Do I Have ADHD?

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Love in the 21st century – with Theile & Meyer

Help, I Can’t Talk – Or Do I Have ADHD?

In this podcast episode, Charlotte Theile and Thomas Meyer are dedicated to the letter from “Love in the 21st Century” listener Felix. The 53-year-old believes his trouble with relationship talks could be related to an attention deficit disorder. And he asks for tips.

It is difficult to imagine a relationship without communication. Talking about feelings and intimate matters is not easy for everyone. Men in particular are repeatedly said to have a weakness here. A challenge for the partner, Charlotte Theile is convinced: “If my partner doesn’t speak to me, it feels like disrespect, like disrespect.”

In most cases, however, there is no intention behind it. What reasons can be behind such speech blockades and how men and women can help here – this time with “Love in the 21st Century”!

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