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How dangerous is Onlyfans for women?

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Does Onlyfans strengthen self-determination or is it a danger for women?

Onlyfans is the platform of the hour for sexual content. The market is booming, the creators see an advantage of the platform in self-determination. An expert shares this opinion only partially.


Ticino Melba Monti told Blick how she made money with Onlyfans. She emphasizes that she alone determines what she sells on the portal.

Onlyfans is the platform of the hour for revealing, sexual content. Due to the pandemic, it experienced hype and a strong increase in user numbers. Blick has shed light on the platform’s growing market. Women in particular have discovered the platform for themselves, upload naked pictures or videos and demand money for it. Many of the creators emphasize positive aspects – such as being able to determine the form of the content they post. Onlyfans model Fabienne tells Blick TV: “It’s up to everyone what is posted.”

Experts see Onlyfans critically

But is it really like that? We asked clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan (41). She thinks that Onlyfans can definitely have a feminist, positive component: “If a woman uploads content to Onlyfans in a self-determined manner that is not focused on men, I see it as an opportunity for diversity.”

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