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How to dispose of a Christmas tree

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A prickly goodbye

How to dispose of a Christmas tree

The magic of Christmas is over and all that’s left is a dry Christmas tree that scatters its needles everywhere. But the new year can’t really begin until you get rid of your prickly friend.


With a few tricks, you can dispose of a Christmas tree quickly and easily.

The new year has already begun, the Christmas tree is sadly in the corner of the room. After you have completely removed all decorations from the tree (otherwise it cannot be composted), it is time to say goodbye to the little tree. Probably the most common method: You drag the tree down the stairwell and then leave it to the green waste disposal service. With this method you will definitely reach the daily goal on the pedometer – especially because you have to wipe the needles out of the stairwell afterwards. But if you do it wisely, it doesn’t have to be.

1. Water enough

A well-watered fir tree stays fresh and green for longer. A dry tree quickly sheds its needles – and there you have the bristly mess. With a little foresight, you can at least stop the rain of needles.

2. The garbage bag trick

Let’s assume you forgot to water because of all the Christmas hustle and bustle. Don’t worry, even the best can do that. With a garbage bag and a little skill, you’re not condemned to needle sweeping. First you roll a big garbage bag inside out, then you put the tree inside. Next, gently roll the garbage bag over the branches. Voilà – the Christmas tree has been tamed.

3. Wrap tree

This trick follows on from the previous one – and is also suitable for particularly large trees. An old bed sheet or tablecloth is wrapped around the tree. A tarp would do, too, but thin fabric wraps around the fabric much better. No needle escapes this straitjacket.

4. The window jump

The Swedes celebrate the farewell to their Christmas trees properly. On St. Knut’s Day, the last edible decorations on the tree are eaten with relish – before the tree flies out of the window in a high arc. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can slowly lower the tree using a rope.

5. Burn

This method involves the smallest needle spread, provided a cozy fireplace is available. Unfortunately, the fir green smokes quite heavily. It is better to remove these before burning – unless you want to send your New Year’s greetings in the form of smoke signals.

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