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How to properly clean your microwave

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How to properly clean your microwave

Be honest, how many times have you cleaned your microwave properly? A dirty microwave doesn’t exactly invite you to eat. These tricks make cleaning child’s play.

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It doesn’t take much to contaminate the microwave.

The microwave has gained an important place in the kitchen of many households. No wonder, after all, it warms up dishes in record time. However, with frequent use, dirt builds up. Unfortunately, it’s not always enough to quickly clean the dirty microwave with a wet cloth. Fat splashes and encrustations make cleaning more complicated. These often stick stubbornly to the inner walls. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can save you time and money.

preventive measures

Placing a lid or cover over the food as it is reheating can help prevent splattering. Alternatively, you can use a plate or cling film. In addition, dirt should always be removed immediately. Otherwise they can dry out or even burn the next time you use them. This makes cleaning the microwave more difficult.

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Trick 1: Lemon

Do you have a lemon left at home? The fruit is a real miracle cure when it comes to cleaning the microwave. Simply cut the lemon in half and place in a bowl filled with water. Make sure the bowl is microwave safe.

And this is how it works: Then set the microwave to the highest level and heat the lemon mixture for five minutes. Do not open the microwave after heating. The citric acid has to act for a short time. The resulting lemon vapor ensures that dirt deposits are loosened. Grease residue and other dirt can be easily removed with a damp microfibre cloth without any effort. But that’s not the only advantage: even unpleasant odors are a thing of the past thanks to the citric acid.

Trick 2: Vinegar

The microwave can also be cleaned perfectly with the help of vinegar essence. The procedure is almost the same as with lemon water. You will again need a water-filled and microwave-safe bowl. Then add a dash of vinegar. At the highest level, the mixture should be steamed for five minutes. You can then easily remove the dirt with a cloth. To let the smell of vinegar escape, you should leave the microwave open for a while after cleaning.

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Trick 3: dish soap

If you don’t have lemon or vinegar at home, dish soap can also offer a helping hand. Add some dish soap to a bowl filled with water. It is also important to ensure that the bowl is microwave safe. Heat the essence on the highest setting for a few minutes. Dirt can be easily removed by evaporating the detergent.

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