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Insurance experts give the all-clear for Friday, April 13.

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Reference to damage statistics

Insurance experts give the all-clear for Friday, April 13.

All-clear from insurance experts: Despite its bad reputation, Friday the 13th is not a particularly unlucky date.

In January and October 2023, the 13th falls on a Friday.

The Gothaer insurance company pointed this out on Wednesday in Cologne, referring to its damage statistics. The amount of damage is therefore not higher than on any other day. The Friday of the current week is such a supposed unlucky day.

Claims are often below average

The amount of damage in the private customer area on said Fridays was “always” within the average and “usually even below it,” emphasized Gothaer damage expert Mechthild Oppermann. On average, her company received around 530 private damage reports per day. On May 13 of last year, also a Friday, there were only 447. Comparisons with annual statistics confirmed this.

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