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Invasive foreign plants are encroaching on higher mountains

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Bad for biodiversity

Invasive foreign plants are encroaching on higher mountains

Mountain regions have so far been largely spared from the invasion of non-native plants. According to a new international study led by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), this is the end of it.

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A researcher from ETH Zurich records non-native plant species along a mountain road in Valais.

In the last ten years, neophytes have spread rapidly to greater heights along transport routes, as the study recently published in the journal “Nature Ecology & Evolution” shows.

The number of alien species examined worldwide has increased by 16 percent in ten years. In addition, the scientists found neophytes at significantly higher altitudes in ten of the eleven study areas than they did ten or even five years ago. This has a negative impact on biodiversity.

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