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Is Madeira the most beautiful island in Europe?

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Flowers in the capital Funchal. It is not without reason that Madeira is called the island of eternal spring.


The capital of Madeira is a big city by Swiss standards and logically the center of the small island. Funchal’s many highlights include: the 1517 Cathedral, the botanical gardens and the Vicentes Photographic Museum. Another special feature are the azulejos, painted ceramic tiles that were imported to Portugal from Moorish workshops around 1500. Particularly fine specimens can be found around the old farmer’s market, in the Funchal main post office and in the castle gardens of Monte.

2. Cabo Girão

If you stand on the cliff of Cabo Girão, you can look almost exactly 580 meters down. Below, the sea breaks onto the coast, and somewhere in between, at the foot of the cliff, farmers even cultivate a few fields. According to sources, Cabo Girão is said to be the second highest cliff in the world. The rush of visitors is great, the view is spectacular. Especially from the so-called Skywalk, a glass platform that juts out over the actual cliff. In the style of a similar visitor bridge over the Grand Canyon. Pure thrill. And because of the glass floor only for visitors with a head for heights.

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