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Is the game «Fifa» racist?

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Study with a hefty accusation

Is the game «Fifa» racist?

The video game series “Fifa” is the most successful sports game. A study now shows that prejudices are reproduced in the game.

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A study on “Fifa20” came to the conclusion that black players are confronted with the same stereotypes in the game as on the field. In the picture Kylian Mbappé, France international.

Researchers from the University of Coventry and Leicester have taken on an unusual research object: They examined the 2020 version of the game “Fifa” for racist clichés. They analyzed the 88 best-rated players from “Fifa”. In the game, each of the 17,000 players has a score that defines their skills in 29 different categories. Possible competencies are, for example, the aggressiveness of the player or the accuracy of the pass.

During the evaluation, the research team led by Paul Ian Campbell, sociology professor at the University of Leicester, found that black players were rated as physically stronger in most cases than white players. Campbell: “Our findings suggest that sports video games contribute to the emergence of persistent racist stereotypes in sports and in wider society.”

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