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Is there intoxication without danger?

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Intoxication is a human constant, as you can read in one of your articles. Is there intoxication without danger?
Tony Berthel:
In most human cultures there was and still is a desire for intoxication. For a long time it took place as part of rituals because it was too dangerous to get high alone – otherwise you were defenseless against the forces of nature or wild animals. The philosopher Peter Sloterdijk says: With the de-ritualization of consumption comes addiction. Here the danger begins.

Why do people want to get drunk?
The reasons have been the same for a long time: It’s about crossing borders, about being happy. The intoxication enables us to have new sensory experiences and explore boundaries, which plays a particularly important role in adolescence and puberty. The high is also an experience that aids in the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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