Thursday, March 30, 2023

James Webb discovers coldest ice ever

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Inside interstellar nebulae

James Webb telescope discovers coldest ice ever recorded in space

The James Webb space telescope has discovered the coldest ice ever measured deep inside an interstellar nebula. With this discovery, the international research team with Swiss participation wants to get one step closer to the origin of life.

This James Webb Space Telescope image shows the central region of the dark Chameleon I molecular cloud. Highlights from the numerous background stars can be seen as orange dots behind the cloud.

At minus 263 degrees Celsius, the ice was only around ten degrees above absolute zero, according to a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy on Monday. This discovery is of great scientific importance because ice in space played a central role in the formation of the universe.

Space ice forms long before planets themselves. It forms deep within interstellar nebulae – clouds of molecular gas and dust that eventually collide to form planets. It is cold enough in these clouds that frost can form on dust grains.

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