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Make the crispy US classic yourself

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They are often the sweetest memory of a vacation in America: pancakes. “A perfect pancake is about ten centimeters wide, finger-thick and nice and fluffy in consistency,” says the German pancake expert and author Christine Sinnwell-Backes.

Are US pancakes the same as pancakes?

American pancakes differ from our classic egg or pancakes. Sinnwell-Backes: “They are much smaller, the proportion of eggs is lower. Baking powder or baking soda is also added to them so that they rise nicely when baked.»

“I like pancakes that have small pieces of apple baked into the batter,” says Christine Sinnwell-Backes. «Give cinnamon sugar over it, refine with a little maple syrup or chocolate sauce. As a savory option, I recommend Parmesan pancakes with fresh herbs, combined with scrambled eggs on Sundays.»

In the USA, blueberries or banana slices are often found in the pancakes – simply press them into the batter in the pan and bake them. Dhe pancakes are also baked in a pan, but are about 30 centimeters in size, flatter and a little firmer.

In addition to the classic maple syrup, pancakes can also be served with plum compote, goat’s cheese, fried eggs or mushrooms. There are no limits – just try it out.

Tip: Serve the pancakes on preheated plates, otherwise they will cool down quickly.

Pancakes have 227 calories per 100 grams, only ten percent fat and at least six percent protein. Athletes mix oat flakes or protein powder, for example with chocolate flavor, into the dough and leave out the sweet sauces – the extra healthy fitness pancake is ready.

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