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“Many believe that it can only get worse”

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Andreas Krafft is a professor at the HSG and researches the topic of hope.


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The way to Andreas Krafft leads over a 280 meter long suspension bridge in Goms. The valley, 1200 meters above sea level, is green. The futurologist has a chalet there. He has been researching hope for years.

Mr. Krafft, can we hope for snow?
Andreas Kraft:
You can, but it doesn’t do much. When you fixate on something that absolutely has to happen, the chances of disappointment are pretty high. In this case, that would be the hope that there will be as much snow as there used to be. This is a wish based on fear, so that it doesn’t snow. Psychologically, this is exactly the opposite of hope. You fixate on the negative and only see what can go wrong. The fact is that a few ski lifts in the lower regions have already closed.

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