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Numerous birds extinct in 100 years

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The Swiss bird world has changed a lot in 100 years

Great gray shrike, gray partridge and woodchat shrike: 100 years ago, the bird world in Switzerland looked very different, according to a new report by the bird protection organization Birdlife. Many species are now endangered or extinct. Others settled in Switzerland.

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“Most people are not even aware of how dramatically bad things are for the birds these days,” Beat Wartmann, author of the report, was quoted as saying in a Birdlife statement on Wednesday. Because the changes happen insidiously and slowly, according to Wartmann, people keep getting used to the new situation. “No one can remember that time anymore.”

For the report, he combed through hundreds of old index cards and analyzed antique books and other sources. Lapwing, curlew, snipe and redshank as well as spotted crake, little crake and little crake bred in the Linth plain and other wet areas 100 years ago. Of these species, only the lapwing remains as a breeding bird.

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