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One, two, three – Princess

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The fairytale prince is a taxi dancer: Blick editor Katja Richard with Philipp Böck, student and enthusiastic ballroom dancer.


Katja RichardEditor society

I’ve long since passed the age limit for a debutante – but you’re never too old to be a princess for a night at a Viennese ball. The ball of the Philharmoniker in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein offers the classic backdrop for this. All you need is – in addition to one of the coveted tickets – a long evening dress. You can rent that. The fairy tale prince too: Philipp Böck (21) is a taxi dancer.

Dance night in the golden hall of the Musikverein of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Skillfully, but carefully, he leads me across the floor. He doesn’t want to step on my dress, the green tulle reaches down to the floor, I long ago exchanged the heels for comfortable ballerinas. The economics student dances his way through the ball season in this way – a little extra income, and admission is free. More than 400 balls take place in Vienna every year, with the highlight being in January and February at carnival time. Thanks to young dancers like Böck, the tradition lives on. Waltz, for Austrians it’s like Jassen for us Swiss, somehow everyone can do it, even if not everyone goes to dance school these days. “You should at least be able to waltz to the right,” says the student.

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