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Railways in the Europapark will soon run on solar power

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Solar system planned outside

Railways in the Europapark will soon run on solar power

Europapark Rust and the car logistics company Mosolf in Kippenheim are planning to build a photovoltaic car park canopy. At the car logistics company, 23 hectares are to be covered and the electricity is to be routed to Rust, ten kilometers away.

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From 2024, the Europapark tracks will run on solar power.


Barbara EhrenspergerEditorial Green

23 hectares of the 100-hectare Mosolf site in Kippenheim, Germany, are to be covered with photovoltaic modules that produce electricity, writes SWR aktuell. 7,500 of the 30,000 cars are also protected from hail.

30 million euros cost

The photovoltaic roof should cost 30 million euros. The plant is built by the company Mosolf. The Europapark in Rust is committed to buying 50 percent of the electricity. The electricity will be transported from Kippenheim to Rust, ten kilometers away, via substation networks. Laying a cable is still too expensive, writes the SWR. Around 25 million kilowatt hours of electricity are expected to be produced per year.

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