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Regular airing at home is so important

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The air in rooms can also be polluted by pollutants, through vapors from plastics, cleaning agents or cosmetics. Regular ventilation is good for your health and prevents headaches and tiredness.

Today, houses have tight windows and insulated walls – in contrast to old buildings, in which there is often a draft even when the doors and windows are closed, modern apartments are better insulated. This saves on heating costs in winter, but also means that active ventilation is required to prevent mold.

How to ventilate properly depends on how the room is used and the time of year. Wet rooms, for example, need fresh air more often. And not only the apartment, but also the people living in it benefit from a well-ventilated home.

Good air for health

In many rooms there is too little humidity, which can lead to dry skin and brittle hair in many people. This also increases the susceptibility to respiratory diseases. In addition, too low or too high air humidity can lead to allergies and asthma in the long term. Appropriate ventilation can compensate in most cases. A so-called hygrometer measures the humidity in the room, which should be between 40 and 60 percent.

Impurities and pollutants in the room air, such as chemicals from wall paints, furniture, cleaning agents, vapors from plastics or cosmetics, can also be harmful to health and cause headaches or dizziness. Fresh air from outside improves the air quality, unless you live on a busy street and have the window open all day – in such a case, it is advisable to ventilate the room outside of peak traffic times.

Even in times of Corona, regular ventilation is recommended. This reduces the number of viruses in the air, which can quickly increase in closed rooms, and thus reduces the risk of infection.

Increase well-being through ventilation

Not only our health, but also our well-being is directly related to the air in our home. You get tired more quickly in stuffy rooms. If there are many people in a room, the CO will increase after a certain time2-Concentration in the air, which after a while leads to a headache as well as lethargy.

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