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Roast veal with black bean sauce

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Chinese cuisine is often a mystery to the rest of the world. Also because the dishes are not cooked in conventional pans, but with an iron wok. The wok is the kitchen utensil of Asia. Because: In China, with its huge population, fuel was always scarce. The wok pan cannot be used on our electric stoves either. It works best with gas. A special iron ring is placed over the flame. In this way, the semi-circular iron pan can be heated just above the flame.

For this recipe you need soybeans. Fermented black beans are available in the China Shop. It’s chopped dark soybeans that have been steam cooked with ginger, dried tangerine peel, shallots and sugar. They are cooked pleasantly soft and not only taste salty, but also pleasantly strong and round. They transfer these aromatic notes to the dishes cooked with them. Originally, this dish is cooked with beef. However, Chef Chuen Li loves veal very much and therefore prepares it with veal. Here is the recipe for cooking.

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