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Samichlaus is banned from here

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Filou is one of 39 battered donkeys that have found a new life in the Aline donkey home in Feldbach ZH.


Jonas DreyfusEditor society

Edina stands on shaky legs. The 30-year-old donkey suddenly couldn’t get up two months ago. That’s why she hung in a net from the ceiling of the stable for a while. Like a cow in a helicopter transport. Now it’s back to running to some extent. But because donkeys do not accept members of their own species who are in poor health, the animal has been given a single place in front of the stable. There it is chewing up an apple in slow motion.

In the Aline donkey home in Feldbach ZH, donkeys that no one wanted anymore can enjoy a good life. Almost all of the 39 animals that are doing this at the moment have had a long ordeal behind them. Their former owners have fed them wrongly, neglected them and left them alone. Edina had severe pain when she came to the home, says Viktor Huber (73). He has been running it with his wife Hanni (74) for twenty years. The soft and damp soils in Switzerland cause big problems for the hooves of donkeys. Because their wild forms come from semi-deserts and mountainous regions of North Africa and the Near East.

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