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Seat by the window – the new furnishing trend

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Inspiration for the apartment

Seat by the window – the new furnishing trend

Chairs, armchairs or benches in front of a window are a living trend that brings joy all year round. Whether it’s sunny or raining – looking outside is always good. Even in front of small windows, such seats look inviting and modern.

How to set up a window seat.

Before moving into apartments or houses, many people make sure that there is sufficient daylight and that there are as many windows as possible. This not only makes the rooms appear friendlier and larger, but also contributes to a positive mood. The new furnishing trend takes this tendency towards light and fresh air into account: Seating by the window is currently in fashion. In some cases, such a space is deliberately planned when building houses or when converting apartments.
With this comfortable seating, you get a piece of the outside and of the seasons in your own four walls without having to leave it. If you don’t have a balcony, you benefit twice from the furnishing trend, as you almost have the feeling of being outdoors there. This is especially true when the window can be opened and the wind blows in your face. Depending on your taste, you can also decorate the window seat with plants, because of the light they often feel very comfortable there. In this way you can create a real little oasis, even if you live in an apartment with relatively few square meters.

What should you consider beforehand?

A little planning is necessary to achieve the best possible result when setting up according to your own ideas. The basis for this living trend is of course a window – without it it doesn’t work. If you have a choice, choose one with a nice view. Whether in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway plays a subordinate role. It is important that you feel comfortable in the place. In addition, there should be at least 60 centimeters of space for a small chair in front of the window. If you also want to have a desk or an armchair there, you will need more space.
The right seating is primarily determined by the size of the window and the available space. If there is little space, a small chair is recommended. If your own four walls allow it, you can design the seat by the window exactly according to the intended use: If you want to relax there with friends, you can choose a bench or several chairs, for example, but you simply plan to look outside undisturbed or to read, an armchair or, depending on the height of the window, a beanbag is ideal.

If you want to work by the window, a chair with a desk is the best solution – but the design should not be too reminiscent of a workplace if you want to relax there from time to time. Furniture made of wood looks warmer than plastic or metal, which pushes the working atmosphere more into the background. There are also office chairs with upholstered covers that are almost reminiscent of armchairs.

This makes the place cozy

The color design and decoration are left to your own taste. However, light shades are particularly suitable. When decorating, you should make sure that you remain rather minimalist, so that the focus of the seat is on the view. It makes sense to choose a pillow or pillows and a nice blanket for the window seat to make it more comfortable and cozy. In the evening or on dark days it is helpful if there is a floor lamp there. Plants create a relaxed atmosphere and, depending on their size, can stand on the floor, on the windowsill or on a table. Candles or a carpet also provide comfort.

A table is helpful so that you have the opportunity to put down coffee cups, books or anything else. This is not absolutely necessary for the living trend, but practical. Small side tables can be placed almost anywhere and placed right next to the seating area. Otherwise, you can also simply attach a small shelf next to the window on which you can put things. If you want, you can also hang curtains on the window that match the rest of the seating arrangement.

Window seat inspiration

There are countless ways to design a seat by the window and give your home a modern touch. As mentioned above, you can let your creativity run free. Here are a few examples that might inspire you to set up such a window seat in your home:

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