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Seven tips for talking to potential liars

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False or true?

Seven tips for talking to potential liars

“Lies have short legs”? Not really. But there are signs you can still use to spot liars. With this guide you will get to the bottom of the lie.

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Crossed fingers should also protect you from small lies.

Christian Mauer and Dirk Ruschmann

Real stories are full of strange, curious details, even ones that the narrator doesn’t understand or can’t explain himself. Concrete statements about feelings and thoughts that were felt in special situations – happy or critical – speak for the truth as much as information about details of place and time and about connections with personal preferences or habits. And also unnecessary details that are not necessary for a story are an indication of authenticity. So be careful with low-detail and overly smooth stories!

This is how you uncover everyday swindles

You order a lemonade with no added sugar (“Fanta zero”), but when you look over the counter you think you notice that the barman is pouring a normal lemonade into the glass. If you now ask: “Is that really a zero?”, hardly any bartender will admit that he made a mistake (or was too lazy to get a bottle of zero from the cellar). So instead you ask, “That’s a regular soda, isn’t it?” So you’re asking the opposite of what you really want. Because denial is associated with more emotional effort than affirmation. We’re also more inclined to explain what’s right than to admit we’re wrong.

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