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“Should I stay with him until he’s stable?”

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Separation from the partner – Meyer advises

“Should I stay with him until he’s stable?”

I want to separate from my partner, but he has no one, neither friends nor family, and would fall into a hole. Should I stay with him until he’s more stable?

Published: 49 minutes ago

Staying with your partner out of pity is not a good idea.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyerwriter and columnist

That’s not a good idea. You would make yourself the psychiatric nurse for this man, which makes a relationship as equals impossible. Especially since you certainly do not intend to declare your intention openly, in the sense of: “I will leave you, but because this will get you down, I will stay with you until I have reason to believe that you can manage on your own.” At least that would be honest – but hopefully you can see from the wording how pretentious and demeaning your plan is.

Besides, he’s hopeless. Because how do you want to determine that your partner is stable enough? And why do you think your mere presence contributes to this? Or do you want to secretly train the poor guy in separation management?

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